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Rhum Clément was founded in 1887 by Homère Clément. This emblematic and word-class rhum agricole of Martinique is known for its innovative approach to carrying on the ancestral traditions inherited from Homère and his son Charles Clément. On the central Atlantic coast, in Le Francois, Clément manufactures a variety of AOC certified white, amber, and aged rhum Agricole as well as a range of liqueurs. At Habitation Clément, more than 12000 oak casks of diverse profiles, origins, charring levels, and sizes are housed in six cellars. This richness gives Julien Thimon, cellar master, and his team, an array of opportunities to expertly elaborate a rhum with tasty tannins, the character so well known as the typical profile of Clément aged rhums.

As the protector of Martinique's heritage, with its birthplace, the Habitation Clément, listed as a historic monument since 1996, as well as the Fondation Clément, which presents in Martinique one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in the Caribbean, Rhum Clément embodies the spirit and fine culture of the French Caribbean. With this ethic of creating high-quality rum, against a backdrop of splendid artistic and heritage expression, Rhum Clément has grown to become the leading rum brand in Martinique, available in more than 80 countries.

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